ELF Cosmetics JELLYPOP Collection! | Haul + Review

This Summer’s beauty and makeup releases have really had me SO shook. Between collection launches and beauty subscription monthly reveals, my mouth has been open in shock and awe for like 6 weeks straight!

I recently went on an E.L.F. Cosmetics shopping spree and picked up some old favorites but added mostly new releases to my cart with NO regrets! I’ll talk about the other items I purchased but here I’ll be talking about E.L.F. Cosmetics’ latest launch, their JELLYPOP Collection.

***Check out my follow-up post to see all these items in action as I apply them on my face***

This limited edition JELLYPOP collection features products ranging from lip gloss to moisturizers all infused with delicious watermelon. The price range of this collection ranges from $5 to $8 with kits costing $15, this matches that of all other E.L.F products making it affordable and accessible to many people!

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J E L L Y P O P P I N’

JellyPop Collection
photo courtesy of elfcosmetics.com

All items available in the collection:

  • Watermelon Jelly Cleanser, $8
  • Water Gel Moisturizer, $8
  • Dew Primer, $10
  • Juicy Gloss in 4 shades, $5
    • Watermelon Pop, Grape Pop, Cherry Pop, Apricot Pop
  • Face + Eye Gloss in 2 shades, $6
    • Icy Pop, Creamsickle Pop
  • Flush Blush in 2 shades, $6
    • Berry Pop, Peach Pop
  • Stipple Brush, $8


I purchased 4 items from the E.L.F. JELLYPOP Collection and here are my first impressions.

Water Gel Moisturizer

The JELLYPOP Water Gel Moisturizer is infused with watermelon and castor oil for a hydrating and quick absorbing moisturizer.  The product is very interesting just to look at. The jelly-like texture definitely fits the aesthetic of the overall collection. The texture is lovely in the bottle but it took me by surprise at first because it looked too thick to be in this type of dispenser. But once I squeezed out a sample to see, the gel moisturizer is most definitely a light-weight liquid that dissipates onto my skin like an airy veil of moisture.

Especially during my morning skin routine, I prefer a lighter moisturizer that also does the job and the Water Gel Moisturizer is just that. E.L.F. states that this moisturizer can be used under makeup or alone for a natural glow. Unfortunately in the demo video I filmed I used a sunscreen that left my face with a matte white cast so you can’t really see the radiant effects of the moisturizer.

Dew Primer


E.L.F. Cosmetics makes some of my favorite primers and the latest JELLYPOP Dew Primer is no different. The primer sets itself apart from the pack in that its ingredients not only primer but also nourish your skin. The primer is made with hyalauronic acid, Vitamin A, and Niacinamide to name a few.

The JELLYPOP Dew Primer provides a nice natural and plump finish to my skin. I wouldn’t say it provides a real dewy finish. I’d say it’s more of a natural look, not too matte or dewy just…natural. As a primer, the JELLYPOP Dew Primer worked well for me. The texture is similar to others on the market but not quite the same. It feels very light but thick enough to grip my makeup and provides a blurred look to my skin and makeup. A poreless and blurred makeup look is what I LIVE for so this primer was perfect!

Face + Eye Gloss in shade ‘Creamsickle Pop’

I can easily say the JELLYPOP Face + Eye Gloss is the most fun item I picked up from the collection! The versatility of the product is in the name and I can’t get enough. As you may already know, I’m a big fan of textures so this jelly gloss had my heart. What also got me was the color of the gloss. The shade I picked up was ‘creamsickle pop’ which presents as a soft champagne yellow but when applied transforms into a smooth blue-purple shade. Even with that unicorn vibe shade, the gloss still provides a natural looking glow to my eyes and cheeks!


As much as I enjoy the JELLYPOP Face + Eye Gloss I do have a con. The CREASING! The gloss creases so badly on my eyes. I do have to put part of the blame on my eyelids themselves having many folds for makeup to settle in. This is why I swear by eye primers before applying anything to my lids. So I’ll have to try this gloss out again with a bit of sheer primer first.

Juicy Gloss in shade ‘Cherry Pop’


Last but most definitely not least, The JELLYPOP Juicy Gloss! This lip gloss is the item I’ve used most from the collection so far and I have no plans of stopping. I have the lip gloss in the shade ‘Cherry Pop’ and it provides a sheer red tint to my lips. The formula is infused with hyaluronic acid, avocado oil, castor oil and coconut oil and I definitely feel the nourishing effects when I apply it on my lips. And the best part of it all, the JELLYPOP Juicy Gloss is NON-STICKY!!! I mean what more do I need to say!

Final Thoughts

The E.L.F. Cosmetics JELLYPOP Collection is affordable, fun, and made with nourishing ingredients perfect for creating a dewy and natural glowy look!





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