The Dolan Twins Cleared My Skin! | CUROLOGY 1-Month UPDATE


That title is only slightly click-bait…

During the last week of May I discovered who the Dolan Twins were through the whole ‘beauty community Dramageddon 2k19 with James Charles.’ While watching one of their videos, one of the twins mentioned how using Curology cleared his skin and he provided the photos to prove it. I was SHOOK at his results so I did a little research and pretty much subscribed on the spot. My first month of treatment was free thanks to the twins!


You can watch my video below for all the details on Curology but here’s a quick run-down.

  • Monthly skincare subscription
  • treatment products and regimen tailored specifically for your skincare concerns
  • provider consultations throughout your treatment

Curology assigns you a medical provider whom you inform of any skin concerns you have along with the appropriate photos of your face. With that the provider formulates a treatment product and plan.

Curology’s idea is to keep things simple! So with that, your treatment contain minimal ingredients and each ingredient targets your skin concerns. For example, my treatment bottle only contains 3 ingredients that target my skin texture and hyperpigmentation.


There are 3 types of plans you can choose from:

  • Curology Set – contains the cleanser, treatment Superbottle, and moisturizer
  • Larger Superbottle – contains supersized treatment bottle only
  • Small Superbottle – contains regular treatment bottle only

For my first month I chose the set. For my second month I opted for the Larger Superbottle.

Again, check out my video below to hear me speak in more detail on my skin progress and the skin reactions and breakouts I experienced. Ultimately within the first month of using Curology I definitely saw a change in my skin texture and radiance. My skin was a lot more hydrated, more smooth, more plump, and brighter. I did see a slight decrease in my dark spots but nothing dramatic. My dark spots and hyperpigmentation are my biggest issues so I hope for more progress in that area.


I’m very happy with the results I receive in just one month on Curology! I look forward to more progress in the coming months.

If you’re interest in signup for Curology, use my link to get your first month FREE. There is also a 90-day money back guarantee so if it just isn’t working out for you, there’s no hassle!



I'm Georgina, Gina, Georgie, and unfortunately sometimes I'm, Georgianne. Honestly, is it that hard to pronounce "Georgina?" It's literally George + Gina! But OK. I'm a Nigerian gal born and raised in NJ. I got my BA in Biology from Johns Hopkins University and I recently received my Masters in Biomedical Sciences from Rutgers University. I am a beauty enthusiast and freelance photographer. If you want to contact me (or donate to my dreams) my email is ginaisblogging(at)gmail(dot)com.

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