I don’t think I’ve done a post about my ipsy Glam Bags in a few months. This is mostly because I have been so backed up on a lot of my beauty content! So of course on the last day of June I come to you with my June glam bag (and my June glam bag PLUS) lol.

I’m particularly satisfied with both my glam bag and glam bag plus that I had to share.

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  • TETRIS™ X IPSY – Highlighter in Tetris Life
  • BENEFIT COSMETICS – Gimme Brow+ Volumizing Eyebrow Gel in 4.5 – Neutral Deep Brown
  • ELIZABETH MOTT – All Over Shadow Brush
  • PURLISSE – Watermelon Energizing Marshmallow Peel Off Mask
  • PIXI BY PETRA – LipLift Max in Sheer Rose

I’ve been really surprised with the TETRIS X IPSY collab items. The highlighter I received can easily double as an eyeshadow. It’s more of a glitter texture and not smooth like a typical highlighter. To reminds me of Fenty Beauty Trophy Wife Killawatt highlighter. I personally like this bold shimmer!

Another surprise favorite of mine was the Pixi beauty lip gloss. At first I was a little afraid of the shade in the tube. But the gloss is a mauvy-rose and slightly sheer color. The best part is the tingly, soothing feeling I felt when I applied the formula to my lips!

Below is me wearing the lip gloss 😊

My least favorite item from the bag is the Benefit Cosmetics eyebrow gel. I mean not because of the formula of course, I actually own a full-size of this item. I disliked this simply because of the shade I received. The 4.5 neutral deep brown shade is just not dark enough for me!


  • FIRST AID BEAUTY – Ultra Repair Hyaluronic Hydrating Primer
  • I DEW CARE – Sugar Kitten Hydrating Holographic Peel-Off Mask
  • BELLÁPIERRE COSMETICS – Banana Setting Powder

Every month I just can’t pass up on the add-ons! It’s such an easy way to get products I’ve been eyeing for a huge fraction of the price! Overall, I like my add-ons this go around even though the Bellapierre powder left me a bit ashy haha

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I'm Georgina, Gina, Georgie, and unfortunately sometimes I'm, Georgianne. Honestly, is it that hard to pronounce "Georgina?" It's literally George + Gina! But OK. I'm a Nigerian gal born and raised in NJ. I got my BA in Biology from Johns Hopkins University and I recently received my Masters in Biomedical Sciences from Rutgers University. I am a beauty enthusiast and freelance photographer. If you want to contact me (or donate to my dreams) my email is ginaisblogging(at)gmail(dot)com.

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