The long-awaited follow-up to his debut album, “Mind of Mind,” Zayn’s sophomore album, “Icarus Falls” is a solid effort. While “M.O.M.” showed Zayn’s vocal range, “Icarus Falls” most definitely displays his musical range. This new album is a genre-hopping mix of songs that somehow all work well together as one project.

To say the very least, I like “Icarus Falls.” Even though on its own this album is a good album I just can’t bring myself to say I love it…yet. This is simple because “Mind of Mine” holds a special place in my heart and soul, not trying to be dramatic or anything haha. But the hype surrounding Zayn’s first solo release, tuning in to every performance, interview, photoshoot, the start of my YouTube channel, even being invited to the album release event, all these factors made me especially attached to “Mind of Mine.” And on top of all that, that album was incredible! So yes, I’m definitely partial to Zayn’s debut and that is holding me back from really going all in on “Icarus Falls.”

All that (all that, all that you can give me all that) being said, I can’t even lie like I haven’t been playing “Icarus Falls” nonstop for the last 4 days HAHA! It’s so good, fam!

I mentioned in my album review video but I’ll state it here as well but my Top 5 favorite songs so far in no particular order are:

  • Tonight
  • If I Got You
  • Talk To Me
  • There You Are
  • Sour Diesel

I talk a LOT in this video so here are some time stamps:
2:55 My general thoughts on the album
5:45 My Top 5 songs on the album
7:17 I read my notes on each song. You can scroll below to see what my actual notes looked like haha a mess

Song-By-Song Notes
Let Me
bihh let me is my songggg i really can’t get over it. for the rest of my liiiifee sing to me siiis i’ll let you be my mannnnn
2. Natural
I live for z high-pitch voice likeeee its soo good
3. Back To Life
wow so this album is def not what i expected from all the singles biihhh that budunh dunh beat drop omggg sooo good mmm so is this song for gigi omgg it sounds like she saved/helped him though some thingssss omg the fan fiction that will be written about thissss hahah
4. Common
uhhhm ok so this song sounds so beautiful legit 3 seconds in omggg this sounds so sweet, sounds like he’s saying “calm” haha
5. Imprint
is more soft jazz que no?
6. Stand Still
is a skippable song for me – too slow in the beginning but toward the end I think sonically the beat takes over
7. Tonight
I was hooked as soon as that beat started bihhh ayyee * top 5
8. Flight of the Stars
love how it starts acapella, crispy sounding, sis trying to rap ok sus
9. If I Got You
biihhhhh this my joint aaayyye very textured song the editing and voice effects play yaaass I can actually groove to this. I’m from space!! bihhh same *top 5
10. Talk To Me
this sounds real ethic, sis bout start singing in spanish or nah?? very rythmic siiiis can zayn hit us with a hip roll or nah, i like this very groovy too *top 5
11. There You Are
shout out to all my fake friendssss this is one of those songs you like because it’s loud and has like a choir feel idk what it’s called pero that feeling just picture it live haha * top 5
12. I Don’t Mind
is a regular smooth song, nice
13. Icarus Interlude
siiis this is a song not no interlude she long af hahah a lot of harmonizing like that urdu song in mom
14. Good Guy
biiiiihhhhh nancy sinatra my baby shot me down from kill bill biiiih my favorite movie ever omggg biihhhh when that beat drops ho omggg kill me
15. You Wish You Knew
ayye let’s snap i’m a sucker for a snap, she cute
16. Sour Diesel
ok this is low-key 90 rock like that veronica mars theme song adflghaerg bihhhhh Z HAS THE RANGE! biihhh that ending guitar rifff bihhh GAGGGED omggg wtf ok my favorite song are you kidding please perform live bihhhh his scream lordt take me to heaven who does he think he is *top 5
17. Satification
this is making me sad already bye, oh she cute pero no. life always gets in the way ok so he wants to make me cry and yeah no (shows most vocals just singing)
18. Scripted
oh so this just about to be the sad section huh kkkkkk ohh but he sounds like an angel tho wow i’m lifted
19. Entertainer
remind these girls to watch my reaction video remember when I use to do those lolz sis been sleep ayyye this beat drop bring in the pole for a slowww twerk ayyeee
20. All That
ok this is song 20 this album long af and I aint mad hahah sis got like 2 albums in one we deserve! okkkk this low-key rapping in this song wowww hw did his voice just sound like a heavenly choir just now
21. Good Years
OOOH he singing SINGING straight out the gate on this one huh sis better holler, wow ok I like this song a bit soulful shows a bit of his range
22. Fresh Air
ayyye this beat got them shoulders moving ayye this that rap singing vibe and he doing his own migos type adlibs haha she cute
23. Rainberry
df is a rainberry sis ok this is def a blues vibe with the sound and this clunky type of beat somehow works k so he can’t do wrong kkk
24. Insomnia
sounds eerie af ooky spooky vibes
25. No Candle No Light
ohhh this the nicki minaj song i heard was terrible ok biihh everybody is a liar this song is great and will fight you in real life woww zayn really has a song with nicki minaj and i’m really proud is that weird like he aint new pero like this is big biiihhh this dance tecno beat sissssss the djs are going to play this at eveery festivals i can’t wait omggg this is soo good wtf i can’t even type
26. Fingers
reminded how beaut zayns hands are like how can a person be sexually attracted to hands jesus keep me I am unwell that was short and sweet
27. Too Much
are you freaking serious z worked with timbaland like in real life i juuuuuuust wow are boy is really doing it like i’m just proud as if he’s still a new artist just woww ok i really like these bridges and breakdowns he has in all these songs mmm timbaland wasn’t really needed pero like thats still big


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