The Devil is Out| Eid Mubarak! (Photos)

While I’m not Muslim, one of my best friends for over a decade, is Muslim. And over the years she’s taught me so much about, and I took great interest in, her faith as best friends should. So whenever either of us are going through our fasting periods, Ramadan for her and Lent for me, we have each other for moral support. But the girl can’t even drink water during Ramadan! HARDCORE!

So I’m glad I got to share her celebration for the end of Ramadan, Eid. The devil is out! That’s a Muslim saying referencing that the devil is locked away during Ramadan so any sins you commit during that time is of your own doing. But once the Holy month is completed, the devil is now free.

Anyway, the Pakistani Princess, Sidra, and I decided to hit a restaurant last Friday to celebrate Eid! The restaurant was called, 27 Mix and located in Newark, NJ. Sidra’s been there many times but this was my first and it was so much fun. We had our dinner outside in the restaurant’s outdoor whimsical-looking concrete garden. Very hipster. Very artsy. Very proper Instagram aesthetic haha. The atmosphere and vibes and laughs and gossipping made for a fun night with my bff!








Also, I got a new wig y’a;; and I feel like a new woman! I know, I knowwww I said I would start to embrace my new short hair more and I totally am. I just need a break, OK!






I'm Georgina, Gina, Georgie, and unfortunately sometimes I'm, Georgianne. Honestly, is it that hard to pronounce "Georgina?" It's literally George + Gina! But OK. I'm a Nigerian gal born and raised in NJ. I got my BA in Biology from Johns Hopkins University and I recently received my Masters in Biomedical Sciences from Rutgers University. I am a beauty enthusiast and freelance photographer. If you want to contact me (or donate to my dreams) my email is ginaisblogging(at)gmail(dot)com.

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