7 Years Natural But My Hair Is Still Short | Natural Hair Journey

I recently posted a “brief” video on my Youtube channel about my natural hair journey. A few days before recording that video, I cut my hair so I thought the video would be a way to let my viewers know what was up. I didn’t want to make the video too long so I decided that whatever didn’t make it into my video would be covered in this blog post.

I mostly just want to talk about how I feel mentally and emotionally about my hair and my haircut. The main reason why I took so long to cut off my damaged hair was because I think I’m ugly. When I first cut my hair over 7 years ago, I was MUCH slimmer than I am now (almost 100 pounds lighter, seriously). To me, my more slender face complemented my very short hair. Now that I’ve gained so much weight, I feel like my huge, round face and double chin are more prominent with shorter hair. Of course I could always fake my face shape in photos by changing my face angle and in certain lighting but in person I just feel ugly. So, even though my natural was so damaged, I refused to cut it because my bigger hair off-set my big face. But I told myself, after I finished grad school, I was going to force myself to work on myself. That is, I want to work on my health in all aspects, mental, emotional, and physical. So I gotta embrace this face, this hair, this body!

I’ll keep y’all updated on the many ways I plan on changing and healing my mental health starting this Summer! In the mean time, check out my video and some throwback photos below!



I'm Georgina, Gina, Georgie, and unfortunately sometimes I'm, Georgianne. Honestly, is it that hard to pronounce "Georgina?" It's literally George + Gina! But OK. I'm a Nigerian gal born and raised in NJ. I got my BA in Biology from Johns Hopkins University and I recently received my Masters in Biomedical Sciences from Rutgers University. I am a beauty enthusiast and freelance photographer. If you want to contact me (or donate to my dreams) my email is ginaisblogging(at)gmail(dot)com.

5 thoughts on “7 Years Natural But My Hair Is Still Short | Natural Hair Journey

  1. Hello! I love the authenticity of your post. MANY CONGRATULATIONS on completing graduate school. No small feat! I can relate to what you wrote about the difference between how you feel you look in short versus longer natural hair. Godspeed on your journey. I’m documenting my own similar journey on my blog. Are you familiar with YouTuber Beautiful Brown Baby Doll? She’s an African American doctor who is super personable and informative and has lost 100 or so pounds. Here’s a link to one of her videos: https://youtu.be/nuQl8E0Hrv0. I hope it inspires you. God bless, beautiful lady! Enjoy your journey as you progress bit by bit, from glory to glory to glory. 😀 ❤

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    1. Hi! Thanks so much for your comment. I appreciate your words and will definitely check out your blog 🙂 And I used to watch Beautiful Brown Baby Doll’s videos a LONG time ago when I first went natural. I have to revisit her.

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  2. We all have our little insecurities. I transitioned from relaxed to natural for a relatively long time, too because I felt my jawline was too square for short hair… :-). You look beautiful in all the pictures, but if you want to change for your own personal reasons, go ahead. Good luck on your journey!


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