AFROPUNK Was Good For My Mental Health | AFROPUNK 2017 – Brooklyn (VIDEO + PHOTOS)

Today marks one week since I attended my first AFROPUNK festival and I’m still reeling from the experience!

Although this was my first time at the festival, I was well aware of AFROPUNK and what it represented in the Black and Brown community. And let me tell you, it is much more than just a photo-op or place to be seen. Even though, in my head, I knew that, it wasn’t until I finally experienced the festival, that I felt that.

I’ll probably write a separate post about the beauty and the blessing of going places alone. But anyway it was in overcoming my fear and anxiety about attending social events by myself that I opened myself up to receive all the good vibes that AFROPUNK Fest provided me. In a last-minute, ‘screw it’ moment, I purchased a hella OVERPRICED ticket (thanks sellers on StubHub!) the night before the festival. And I still haven’t felt any buyers remorse.

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You can catch somewhat of a recap of my time at AFROPUNK on my YouTube channel – here! 🙂 

From the second I took my place in line, I knew my anxiety of the day was unnecessary. The people I stood in line with were incredibly friendly, warm, genuine, and more nice adjectives! I will admit though, the jaded side of me, the side use to ‘fake’ people with ‘fake’ personalities, the side use to the many obnoxious characters present at music festivals, and the side use to the ‘New Yorker attitude’ started to peak through a bit. My inner monologue was doing THE MOST, telling me that the folks I met in line will most likely be the only nice people I’ll meet all day haha. But the universe SHOOK me in the best way possible!


THERE WAS LITERALLY NO DRAMA! Mary J. Blige would be so proud. Everyone was so chill and exuding all around good vibes. Smiles, laughs, hugs, compliments, encouragements were all in abundance throughout the day and evening. It was overwhelming. I found myself literally having to take a seat and take in everything I was experiencing. Seeing everyone unapologetically being themselves and at the same time receiving not even an ounce of judgement from anyone in attendance, took my breath away.  Wow.

AFROPUNK Fest was a therapy session. A therapy session with a therapist that not only looked like me but had my same life experiences. A therapy session that didn’t need any explanations or even words. Just a look. A touch. That translated all hardships and joyful moments into one understanding hug.

AFROPUNK Fest was good for my mental health. Thank you.

Visit for more photos from AFROPUNK Fest 2017 – Brooklyn


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